Warrior Club

The election of next year’s officers will be held in May. 

The club will meet on 4/18 at 6:00 p.m.


Duties of the various Board members are as follows:

A) President: The President shall:

a.     be the principal executive officer of Warrior Club and

b.     control and/or supervise all of its business and affairs;

c.  schedule and preside over all meetings, including preparation of the meeting agenda;

d.  submit fundraiser request form(s) to school bookkeeper. All fundraisers must be approved by the Principal prior to conducting the fundraiser. This form can be obtained from the bookkeeper;

e.  perform all duties indicative to that office.


B) Vice President: The Vice President shall:

a.     fulfill the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the President;

b.     be the Chair Person of Program Committee;

c.      solicit donations from Dale County High School families and Corporate Sponsorships;

d.     prepare both family and corporate membership forms;

e.     review the annual mailing list for said membership drive;

f.        prepare an update for the Board's September & March meetings regarding the status of membership;

g.     keep accurate records of members with contact information and issue annual membership identification cards;

h.     perform all additional duties indicative to that office.

C) Secretary: The Secretary shall:

a.        keep the minutes of meetings in a book for Warrior Club;

b.        give any required notices of meetings to be placed on the DCHS website to Athletic Director;

c.        provide a draft copy of the previous month's minutes to Board members prior to each meeting;

d.        provide copies of the previous month's minutes for approval at the next monthly meeting;

e.        provide the bookkeeper with an electronic copy of the minutes within 48 hours of the minutes being approved, unless immediate action regarding purchasing is required;

f.          monitor the Warrior Club section on the DCHS website for accuracy of forms and information;

g.        provide notice of meetings to the general membership;

h.        perform all additional duties indicative to that office.


D) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:

a.        receipt all funds collected (cash and checks) through DCHS issued receipt book. Funds should be deposited with school bookkeeper as soon as receipted;

c.      request requisition/purchase orders from school bookkeeper. All   expenditures should be approved through activity minutes prior to request. Treasurer shall sign the requisition/purchase order and maintain a copy for activity records; No purchases are allowed without the approval of the Principal;

d.     assign and maintain documentation of (prepaid) Warrior Club seating and reserved parking;

e.     request Financial Statement two (2) days prior to monthly meetings;

f.        perform all additional duties indicative to the office of treasurer.


E) Parent Liaison Coordinator: The Parent Liaison Coordinator shall:

a.                 assist coaches in acquiring parent liaisons to assist each coach at the team level with their needs and also to report, as needed, to Warrior Club on a monthly basis;

b.     prepare a liaison duties and instruction letter to be reviewed with every liaison;

c.      assist liaisons with questions and issues as they arise and communicate these matters as necessary with the President and DCHS Athletic Director;

d.     perform all additional duties indicative to the office of Liaison Coordinator.